Titan Improvement Project (TIP)

Fix Titan.TF, or also known as Titan Improvement Project(TIP), is a platform created to turn titan.tf into a better place for you, and for everyone.

This platform was created to bridge the important issues and bugs from the main forum, and to create a dedicated hub for improving the community. All discussions posted on this platform will be noticed, and will be our #1 place for discovering existing issues.

We still accept reporting through support tickets. However, we do not recommend using it anymore for reporting as it will make everyone's lives easier by having everything tracked publicly on the same platform here.

This is NOT a forum. This platform only facilitates to serve making the community better. This place is for everything titan.tf problems including feedback, and we are here to solve them. You can post your other discussions at the main forum.

However, we want to emphasize that you must email critical security exploits or bugs to [email protected] or open a support ticket, instead of posting it on this platform.

Note: No item suggestions allowed, a Creators Hub is under development. See here for roles.