Players have to beat Saxton Hale who is activating traps on the maps, by avoiding traps and getting to the end of the map to win.

Saxton Hale is a player selected once at the start of every round by the number of queue points they have. Queue points are earned at the end of each round. He has to kill all runners by activating traps with a press of a button, and preventing them from getting to the end.

Saxton Hale has the ability to super jump and rage. But his rage does not do anything to runners. He moves faster than in the original mode, at the speed of a Scout (400 units/second).


Trap types and the number of traps vary from map to map.


Saxton Hale can activate a free run, which means that no traps will be activated by him. All players are free to clear the map and play the minigame.


Most maps have one or more minigames at the end. The runner that gets to the end chooses which game everyone will play. Some other options include humiliation, which is usually a setup where the Hale is killed.

Easter Eggs

Some maps have Easter Eggs which can teleport them to a secret room (eg. music room), give them a slight advantage, or just comedic effects in general. These are usually hidden in the map.


Spies could only cloak once per round and Demoman could only charge twice per round for balancing purposes since 20 September, 2017.

Every class can double jump and has the same move speed as Scout, 400 units per second.

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