Get paid for advertising our servers.


Claim your sponsorship by submitting a video you have created based on titan.tf, not longer than 2 weeks from the publish date.

The number of views the video submitted currently has, will determine the sponsorship you will receive. The calculation rates are detailed further below. Each video will only have 1 payout, meaning you cannot request for a sponsorship twice per video.


  1. Content must be gameplays, commentaries, showcases, promotions on titan.tf servers or website

  2. More than 6 minutes long

  3. Recorded and published by you on your own YouTube channel

  4. A link to titan.tf/servers at the top of the video description

  5. Created after September 27, 2018 but not more than 2 weeks ago

  6. Must not be submitted for a sponsorship request before


This is currently not yet supported.

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