Exchange items, with no taxes.

Trading Basics

Trading allows players to exchange items easily without limits. Trades are not executed in real time, a trade offer will be sent to the partner where they can accept or decline anytime before it expires.

A live trading feature is being considered, but due to the number of security factors, it is very challenging to implement.

There is currently no limit imposed to trades. You can send and receive as many items as you want in a single trade.

In a trade offer, you can include credits and gems for either side.

If you or the other person does not have any credits or gems, the item to select how much money or gems will not appear.

A secret key is a randomly generated string of 8 digits containing numbers and alphabets which can be regenerated at anytime. Players must have your secret key in order to send trade offers to you. Your secret key can be found in your trade offers page. Unlike its name, the secret key can be posted everywhere for the whole world to see. It is just a key that you can choose to give to the people you want trade offers to receive from. This is a measure taken to prevent users from being bombarded with random trade offers from people they don't even know.

One cannot send trade offers to players with private inventories, but one can send trade offers while having a private inventory.

You can private your inventory from your settings. This not only hides your inventory from others, but you will also never receive trade offers.

The system will only check for items, currency and gems when the other party presses the 'Accept' button. In the event that at least one side of the trade, no longer have enough currency or gems, or the items offered no longer exist, the offer will become invalid.

Trade Process

Upon the successful creation of a trade offer, the other person will automatically receive a notification in their notifications center.

A message can be included in trade offers when sending one, usually used to describe the nature and reasoning behind the trade.

The creator of the trade offer can cancel the trade offer at anytime, and the receiver can decline the trade offer at anytime.

All trade offers automatically expire after 2 weeks after creation. Once expired, both parties will be notified about it.

Every part of the process, from receiving a trade offer, to the result of the trade offer, the other party will be notified of the status of the trade offer.

With the increasing use of 2 factor authentications on every platform, the team has announced the possible implementation of this to both logins and trade confirmations in the future.

There are no promises as to whether this feature will be implemented.

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