These are some common terms used across the Titan Universe.

Gems - A currency that bridges the exchange of currencies between Titan and Team Fortress 2. Gems can be used to buy Team Fortress 2 items, and likewise can be purchased with Team Fortress 2 items at a rate of 1,000 gems / scrap (used to be 900). They can be converted into Titan Credits at a rate of $0.30 / gem. However, Titan Credits cannot be converted back into Gems. Gems can also be used to purchase some specialty items such as EXP Packs (to instantly boost your XP) from the exchange.

Titan Account - An account that exists in the Titan universe, which contains all of your existing Titan.TF data. This includes credits, gems, experience points, statistics, inventory items, etc.

Titan Credits - Also known as money. This is the main currency used to purchase items from the item shop. The symbol is denoted as $ and it has no relation to real world money.

Lucky Coins - A currency used for certain casino games. This includes "Break the Safe" which requires 5 coins for every attempt, and "Towers" which requires 15 coins for every play.

Chat Prefix - A tag that appears in front of your player name in-game that is commonly used to show off your status or achievements. Not to be confused with name tag items, this appears before the equipped name tag, separated by a "|". Options include Level Tier, Level, Rank, National Rank, Credits, Gems, Kills, Assists, Deaths, Rounds Won, Kill-Death Ratio, Robot Kills, Robot Assists, Robot Deaths, Robot Kill-Death Ratio, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer. This can be changed via the in-game !settings menu under the "Chat" section.

Level Tier - A chat prefix used to show your current level in a shiny style. Your level is transformed into a badge with upgradable colors and stars. The higher your level, the more stars you get. These stars are also known as prestige, where every star equates to 100 levels.

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