The timeline includes major updates and events. This page is incomplete and probably never will due to how much there is to fill.

Real Nightmare (Upcoming)

Christmas Wonderland 2019 (Patch 2.1.59)

December 25, 2019 - 31 January, 2019

Players can earn a ton of gems by playing on the events server hosting 31 community-made Winter themed maps and completing challenges.

Decade's Final Sprint - Year 2020 Event (Patch 2.1.59)

December 21, 2019 - 11 January, 2019

To celebrate the end of a decade, XP and gems were doubled during the period.

Circle of Mysteries (Patch 2.1.55)

August 11, 2019 - 11 September, 2019

To celebrate the Founder's birthday, the mini event gave players a chance to receive a free month of Titan Plus subscription for completing "Chronos" challenges. There were a total of 10 challenges, where 2 new challenges in the pack unlock every 2 days.

This update also introduced Lost Trails as a new perk to Titan+.

Pewdiepie Update (Patch 2.1.26)

No Specific Date

Temperature of Love (Patch 2.1.17)

11 February, 2019 - 18 February, 2019

New Year's Avatar 2019 Contest

December 25, 2018 - January 10, 2019

Tour of Destruction (Patch 2.1.0)

December 25, 2018 - March 1, 2019

{ ... }

To be completed.

Generation 3 Name Paints (Patch 1.101)

11 Apr, 2017

A total of 6 new name paints were released.

Generation 2 Name Paints (Patch 1.94)

4 Apr, 2017

This was the start of the naming of name paint releases to be called 'Generations'. This generation introduces a total of 36 new name paints.

Mystery Item (Patch 1.91)

1 Apr, 2017

A mystery item was added to the shop under the passive category at $19.99. This item did not have any purpose when it was added and it is set to reveal its purpose on a later date.

Some players bought it, hoping it was a rare item when it is revealed. While others did not, and believed that this was an April Fools joke.

The reveal date is currently unknown.

Unusually Hard Marathon

1 Apr, 2017

One of our administrators, Sub Zero hosted a deathrun event on dr_steamworks and dr_mlg_bearun for an unusual.

The whole idea of this marathon is a large scale parkour competition to find the ultimate deathrunner.

Everyone would compete for the 10 slots on the first map and subsequently the players who secured the 10 slots would compete in the second map, the final winner received an Unusual Haunted Ghosts Thirst Blood.

As this was held on April Fools, some was worried that it was simply an April Fools joke.

Content Update 3.1 Part 2 (Patch 1.87)

28 Mar, 2017

Content Update 3.1 Part 2 introduces 2 brand new categories, namely ubercharge effects and death sounds. The update also brought new taunt effects to the store.

Content Update 3.1 Part 1 (Patch 1.85)

23 Mar, 2017

Content Update 3.1 Part 1 introduces 30 new taunt effects to the store in preperation for Content Update 3.1 Part 2.

Content Update 3 (Patch 1.83)

21 Mar, 2017

Content Update 3 introduces a total of 327 new store items which include 297 new chat titles, 25 new battle cries and 5 new medic calls with a lot of them being community contributed.

Content Update 2 (Patch 1.60)

15 Feb, 2017

Content Update 2 introduces fixes for a few existing voicelines contributed by Cecilâ„¢ of the Titan.TF team.

Valentine's Week Update (Patch 1.57)

10 Feb, 2017

The valentine's week update introduces the Something Special for Someone Special ring which is inspired from the original Something Special for Someone Special in Team Fortress 2. The update also introduced a bunch of valentines related limited titles for users to grab.

Storanium Update — Part 1 / Content Update 1 (Patch 1.55)

8 Feb, 2017

The storanium update is an update dedicated to completely improve the core features of the store and add many new requested features such as transferring credits and a black market.

It is unsure whether a part 2 of the update is coming as of yet.

Store Update (Patch 1.27)

4 Jan, 2017

The store update introduces a store to Titan.TF. The team has always wanted a store added to the network but open-sourced plugins just does not fit what they wanted to do. They set out to make a custom one themselves.

Reboot Update (Patch 1.0)

11 Nov, 2016

The reboot update completely revamps the entire Titan.TF network with massive changes including ui design overhauls, the introduction of the earliest version of the leveling system and more. All previous changelogs before this update has been wiped due to the significance of the reboot update.

The reboot update also resets the version number to 1.0 and removes all the changelogs made before here.

Pre-Reboot Update


Not much information is available with regards to what happened before this.

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