Provably Fair

The provably fair system only supports web-based casino games. The goal of this system is to ensure the integrity of the result.

How It Works

  • A server seed, public seed and the result is generated at the start of every round

  • A sha256 hash is generated based on the seeds, the result and the round number

  • The hash and public seed is visible to the everyone from the start of the round

  • The hash can then be used to verify that the result was never changed (by regenerating a hash based on the seeds, result and round number)

If the hash given at the start of the round and the hash generated after the round MATCHES, the round is verified to be legitimate and not manipulated. 🔑

All web-based games are supported except lottery. An attempt was made to implement this to the lottery system at launch, but was not viable due to the way the participant pool works.

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