Content Distributor

As our content is made completely optional, there must be an easy way to download and install all these content with ease, and the content distributor does just that. All you have to do is connect to our content distributor, which is a TF2 community server, and all the content will automatically be downloaded, installed, and enabled for you. The whole process is just 1 click.

Fully Integrated

Once you have downloaded all of the content, the content distributor will notify our data center that you have successfully installed and activate you on all other servers. You will then be able to hear and see the custom content on our servers without you ever doing anything.

In rare cases, players manually wipe the installed content from their game directory. We are unable to detect such actions, therefore the player must manually disable custom content in their settings or redownload the content pack again by connecting to the content distributor to avoid any issues playing on our servers.


Updating is as easy as installing. All you have to do is connect to our content distributor again when an update is released. The content distributor will download and install files that are new, or in other words files you are missing automatically for you. You do not need to download the entire content pack again to update.

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