Daily Tasks

Collect gems for completing tasks that reset daily.
Complete a list of daily tasks on the website to earn gems. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain gems, and you should definitely commit to it! Tasks reset 24 hours after the previous completion. If you finish the "Visit Website" task at 11:52 PM today, you can do it again tomorrow at the exact same time. The reset timer is different for each task.
Visit Website
10 Gems
Leave a Comment
5 Gems
Like a Post
5 Gems
Make a Post
10 - 70 Gems
Day 1 grants 10 gems. The number of gems then increases by 10 per day, and resets back to 10 after Day 7.
Create a Forum Thread
10 Gems
Leave a Forum Comment
5 Gems
React to a Thread
5 Gems