Titan II

This brought massive interface changes in the general server chat color scheme and menus to name a few. Here was when the lead developer started picking up sourcepawn coding, where he introduced advanced expandable menus, timers, panels etc and made the MvM server a competitive mode with those timers he made.

This was the most important one part of Titan's evolution, because without this, we wouldn't have kept this unique concept in mind. We also started experimenting with cool ideas such as events and gifts.

We also started adding more and more maps and missions, now with an insane collection of ALL properly working MvM maps available in TF2 that are publicly released. We wanted to keep players fresh with what they are playing, instead of playing the same missions over and over again. Today, you can play of more than 400+ missions on our servers, that would take more than a year if you were to play one of them per day.

However, this was when we started facing a serious issue. The more maps, the more bandwidth the download (aka FastDL) server has to consume. Ours was hosted on a free site back then, so bandwidth and space was limited. We had to continuously make new accounts because the bandwidth was always exceeding, not that we are saying spamming accounts are a good thing, but we really had no choice.