Easter Eggs

A list of secret hidden features you never knew existed on our website!



An animated heart.

A cauldron of poison.

The very old forum.

The old forum.

A random gradient is used as the background on each page load. The color hexadecimal values used to create the gradient is displayed at the top of the screen.

The background shifts from left to right.

Loading Messages

Pages where there are long loading times will display an animated loading icon and a random loading message.

One of the message is a promo code for $500.

List of Messages

The page never stops loading. A random loading message is also shown on each page load.

Profile 0, a mysterious entity with no identity. The only profile that cannot be rendered. Will we ever know who he is?

Kira, the holder of the death note. The only post he ever made was "I have arrived. We shall create a new world together."

The most badass character in the Attack on Titan anime. Claims to be the person behind profile 0, but is he? The only post made was "The real man has arrived. Time to slay some Titans."

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