Experience Points

Experience Points, also known as XP or EXP in short, can be earned by playing on any of the community servers.

The amount of experience earned is determined by a variety of factors such as event multipliers. Experience points are awarded immediately when an action is performed.

pageXP Table

It is a weekly automated global event that occurs on every Friday. Players who play during the event will gain twice the experience points awarded to them.

Friday Multiplier

In addition to Double XP Fridays, if you have titan.tf in your name, you will receive an additional 2X experience points boost.

All players receive a 2X bonus if there are less than 5 players on the server you are playing on. This is available all the time.

All XP and Gems earned are quadrupled by 4X when playing from 12 AM to 9 AM on any day.

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